Cable Phone Services in St. Thomas

Cable/Internet/ Phone Services

U.S. Virgin Islands Cable-Internet-Phone Services

We’re putting this section in so you can be assured you will be able to have most of the real world services you presently enjoy in the states but you’ll have to put up with the fantastic weather & beaches year round if you join us in the US Virgin Islands. What is nice you are able to pay for your services on line.  It is almost like the real world! Now that’s a choice!!

Here are the full service organizations in the U.S. Virgin Islands:

Innovative - offers TV, Internet and Phone Service (& cellphone service);  340-779-9999

We use this for our TV service and have over a hundred channels. You may access the website to see the list of channels to know you really won’t miss the TV world once you’re in the islands.

Choice - offers TV and Internet;   340-774-0024

Dish - offers only TV service; 1-800 333-3474

Internet Services Only - Offered thru:

Broad Band VI – this is the service that we use and it seems to really work       340-719-2943

ADM   -

Cell Phone Service & internet Cards:

AT&T (Cingular)   located in Crown Bay Marina Office & St Thomas K-Mart     340-777-7777

Sprint   located in Lockhart Gardens    340-776-0770


If you’re setting up a business I would suggest using Robert Petersen – His company S&R Telecommunications does data wiring and full telephone systems set up. They are also suppliers of Dish Network.   Their telephone is 340-775-1234 or you may email  Or talk with his wife Amy when you call!!