Economic Development Commission

Welcome to the Economic Development Commission (EDC).  Our goal is to provide the necessary incentives to make your business expansion or relocation a reality.

Our benefits include:

  • 90% Exemption on Local Income Taxes
  • 90% Exemption on Dividends
  • 100% Exemption on Gross Receipts Taxes
  • 100% Exemption Property Taxes
  • 100% Exemption on Excise Taxes
  • 1% Custom Duties

Investors in the U.S. Virgin Islands also enjoy:

  • A business-friendly environment
  • An educated labor force
  • US currency, courts and flag protection
  • Easy air access to and from the United States, South America, Europe and other Caribbean Islands
  • World-class telecommunications
  • Made in USA labeling
  • Duty free, quota free exporting of USVI made goods into the United States
  • Immigration advantages
  • Shipping advantages
  • Availability of prime rental space

It is also our mission to encourage and assist in the creation, development and expansion of business and industry.  By locating your business or qualified portion thereof to the Virgin Islands, you may be eligible to receive the above-listed tax incentives for your business for a period ranging from ten to thirty years.
Our general mandate is:

  • To promote the growth, development and diversification of the economy of the Virgin Islands
  • To benefit the people of the Virgin Islands by discovering and developing the fullest possible extent the human and economic resources of the territory
  • To establish capital and preserve job opportunities for residents of the Virgin Islands
  • To promote capital formation for industrial development in the Virgin Islands

We encourage you to peruse this site for additional information on qualifying and applying for benefits under our program, and we look forward to serving you!