Moving Checklist

U.S. Virgin Islands Moving Checklist

Before You Move:

Notify post office, charge accounts, credit card companies, utility companies, past employer (for tax return purposes), subscriptions, family and friends, etc. of address change

Close out local bank accounts and set up new bank account, if necessary

Notify insurance companies of new location for coverage

Obtain school records, legal records and other important documents

Obtain medical records and history, transfer prescriptions, and research/request referrals for doctors, dentists, specialists, etc. in new town

Use up perishables, defrost freezer, clean refrigerator

Prepare large appliances and rugs for proper moving

Disconnect utilities and get refunds for any deposits made

Notify and register children in new school

Request a relocation package from your REALTOR® or the city's Chamber of Commerce

On Moving Day:

Double check rooms, closets, and cabinets for possible items left behind

Make sure children have books and games to keep entertained during travel

Prepare pets for transportation

Carry jewelry and important documents on your person

Leave all old keys needed for new tenant with your REALTOR®

At Your New Address:

Check on utility services - gas, electric, water, telephone, etc.

If relocating to new state, register car within 5 days of arrival and apply for state driver's license

If staying within state, obtain a driver's license with your new address on it

Register children in school if you haven't done so already

Set up new patient appointments with doctors, dentist, etc.

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